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InnerSpace Integration appreciates the guidance that the Women’s Visionary Congress shared with the community on things to consider when looking for a facilitated psychedelic/entheogenic experience.


And remember, that it’s just as important to note what questions a practitioner is asking you, as mush as they way they answer your questions.

21 Safety Tips for Participating in Ceremonies That Use Psychoactive Substances

by WVC | Dec 30, 2014

“WVC acknowledges that a growing number of people throughout the world are participating in ceremonies that use psychoactive substances. We recognize that these rituals can offer participants opportunities for deep healing and self-knowledge. Our community is also troubled by the fact that women who participate in these ceremonies have sometimes been the targets of sexual harassment and assault by shamans and other facilitators…”


If you are planning to go out of the country to do ayahuasca, consider checking out these resources:


Kahpi is an online hub of leading researchers and luminaries dedicated to teaching lessons on the science, culture and spirituality of Ayahuasca.



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Our contributors include anthropologists, psychologists, journalists, neuroscientists, philosophers, therapists, and potentially any wordsmith with deep or new knowledge about the science, culture or spirituality of psychedelic plant medicines.