Network Application - InnerSpace Integration
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Are you a therapist, counselor,

mindfulness facilitator, or healer?


InnerSpace Integration is over 6 months old and we are excited to take it to the next level! So far, Sherree and Ashley have been heading integration circles, workshops and services offered by InnerSpace. In desire of better serving the community, we wish to expand our network of integration professionals.


The Vision:

To offer a network of therapists, counselors, coaches, and healers to the local and domestic psychedelic and entheogenic community. This network will consist of professionals experienced both with non-ordinary states of consciousness and working with clients on the integration process of these states.


Our plan is to display contact information, bios, and a short intro video of the providers in our network on our website. We are also looking for community integration circle facilitators to lead local groups in different regions of Southern California.


Services could include:

  • Therapy and counseling services
  • Life coaching
  • Meditative practices
  • Breathwork
  • Somatic Therapies (acupuncture, reiki, chiropractics…)
  • Other ideas? We want to hear from you!


Interested in being part of the ISI network?

If you feel like your professional services complement the vision of InnerSpace Integration and would like to be a part of our growing professional network, please fill out this application form: